Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A post-interview and results post...

Hello there,

I haven't posted in quite sometime I know. I'm not even going to make the excuse that I was busy because I wasn't. Since the HSC finished I've pretty much done nothing, except work and go do these interviews, haven't even caught up with any friends and I have had a lot of stuff on my mind.

But anyway, all my interviews are now done. I think they all went somewhat ok, UNSW was good, JMP was so-so with a few hard questions and JCU was pretty good (Despite it being very very hot in Townsville). After all the traveling around the place I can well and truly say I am sick of travel, and commercial flights for the time being (And this comes from a person who loves traveling and flying...)

In addition to that, results for the HSC came out today. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about them to be honest. On the one hand I will most likely get an atar over my minimum level that I said I would be happy with. But on the other hand I won't get one above the mark which I wanted, and will probably not be enough to be extremely competitive when getting into med school (Except the places with the thresholds). I suppose I can't really complain about them, I'm just heading more towards a bonded rather than unbonded place.

That's really all I have to post at the moment, now it comes to playing the waiting game. I will find out in the days directly before or after christmas if I have a place at JCU and find out midway through next month about the others. I think I have a pretty good chance... 3 chances isn't bad, and hopefully one of those 3 will turn out good....


  1. are you rural applicant?
    wishing you the best of luck :)

  2. How'd you go with JCU? Any calls yet? :)