Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Waiting Game

I'm kind of sick of waiting for things after all the stuff that has happened this year. Had to wait for UMAT results, had to wait for HSC results, then had to wait for ATAR's and then finally I am now waiting for offers.

I should have my first acceptance or rejection by tomorrow afternoon... It's a bit strange to think that after waiting for a year to know if I would get into med school or not will be partially over tomorrow. The thing is that if I find out I don't get in then I still have to wait until January for offers from some other uni's.

There of course is still the possibility I won't get in anywhere, which will be frustrating and depressing as I never even thought I would get interviews, and I suppose to get this close and fail would be irritating.

But anyway hopefully tomorrow I'll get some good news, if not then there will be some more waiting to be done.

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