Wednesday, 19 October 2011

One of the most useless things in my life is over.


The bane of any HSC student, or any year 12 student for that matter. Having completed Paper 2 of the HSC today it now means that this useless part of my schooling is now done. Finished. Finis. Klaar. ZavrÅ¡en.
You get the picture.

And so what does this mean? Never again will I have to read things into a text that just aren't there. Never will I need to collect related material. Never will I have to analyse the ways in which perspectives are represented within texts. Or to take a leaf out of paper 2 today, never will I have to answer questions like "In the context of your critical study, to what extent does your response to the closing scenes of Hamlet inform your judgement of this play as a whole?". Ergh.

The past 6 years of doing English as a formal subject does not really seem to have taught me anything useful. At least the useful stuff probably could have been compressed into one semester....

I will however, concede that English has taught me one thing, and that is to not accept everything the media would have us belive. Recently, after studying the conflicting perspectives module I have picked up on so much bias in the media it's not funny. Is there any news source in Australia that doesn't sit firmly on the right wing?

As you can tell I am running out of things to post about at the moment. Nothing interesting has happened in relation to medicine recently, still waiting on interview notifications which may or may not come.

Bye for now.

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