Saturday, 15 October 2011

4360 Minutes

Doesn't seem like long does it, thats how long it is until the first HSC exam for me starts - English Paper 1.

It is a strange time right now, I've never been very good at studying for English, it's just such a hard thing to do. I've exhausted all possible practices I can do and so all I can really do now is know the content, which essentially means being able to drag random quotes out of the depths of my brain.
It still doesn't feel like it, but in 4357 minutes the past 13 year chapter of my life begins to come to an end. 13 years of knowing school was always still there to go back to, knowing that holidays were only short lived, that familiar daily routine, is finally coming to it's ultimate end.

And so at 12:30pm on November 4th, it will end. I will wake up on November 5th, and know that there is nothing. This isn't a short lived holiday. The routine is over.

But even so, this isn't the final chapter of course. If I start medicine next year, it will only be the beginning. 6 years at Uni, followed by internship then attempting to specialise, could easily lead me to another 13 years before I am fully qualified. Does this worry me? Not at all.

A while ago when I was still tossing up between doing med or something shorter, I thought of a lot of the pros and cons for each. You only get one life (At this stage anyway.....) and lets say for argument's sake that I live 85 years. Also for arguments sake, lets say that I spend 15 years studying medicine and specialising to be fully qualified (In reality it would probably be longer). Add that onto the 13 years of schooling and that is 28 years of straight learning (Granted some of it is paid though). So that makes up 34% of my life (Once again assuming I live to 85).

It was when I worked out this statistic some time ago that I started to have doubts about medicine. I could just as easily do a 4 year undergrad degree and go straight into some job and be fully qualified for it, so to speak, and this would be around 20% of my life. A big difference.

But then I realised that seeing as I've somehow become set on Medicine, I don't think I could manage another field. My biggest fear would be going into a path not in the medical field, and someday, 40 years down the track I sit down and it hits me "I really should have done Medicine". By then it would probably be too late.

What I'm really trying to get at is we only get one life, and you're doing it wrong if you look back on your life as it's coming to a close and regret what you have spent your life doing.

Well anyway thats my attempt at being inspirational for the morning. I don't actually have much to post about now, as nothing interesting has really been happening. I did however receive an email from UWS saying that I would not be getting an interview. So that is one chance at Med that I can cross off the list.

I probably should go and get into a fun filled day of English study now. 4338 Minutes....

Bye for now.


  1. Go for it! Pursue your dream because if you have your heart set on it, nothing else will ever be enough. I am 28 now and I have a bachelors degree and a masters degree in another discipline of the health care system - but I have realised it still isn't enough for me - So this year I sat the UMAT. 10 years after my first attempt (and a child and husband and 8 years of uni later), I have discovered that to be truly happy I must at least try to achieve this goal!

  2. Studentonajourney15 October 2011 at 16:28

    Wow! You sure are starting late, but better late then never. That is how I feel definitely, like nothing else will be as rewarding as doing medicine.